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How much wedding cake do I need?

One of the first and most common questions that a wedding cake maker will get asked is "How much wedding cake do I need?" Understandably, you want to make sure that nobody gets left out of having a slice of tasty cake at your wedding, but you also want to make sure that you don't buy more than is needed and that it doesn't go to waste!

The quick answer to this is to make sure you have catered for around 85% of your guests. This allows for some guests not wanting to have any cake, while others may want to try a piece of each flavour!

In reality however there are a number of different factors that may influence how much cake you will provide. Your wedding cake maker will take these factors into account when planning and designing your cake.

What size portion would you like to serve?

Wedding finger slices measuring 1" by 1" are most commonly served and this is often the default way that venue's will cut your cake. Wedding cake tiers are taller than ever with a 5" or 6" tier height being the norm, which gives an elegant tall thin slice of cake. For wedding meals serving multiple courses, this is usually enough to keep all but the hungriest of guests happy!

If you feel you would prefer to serve a larger portion or you would like to serve your wedding cake instead of a dessert course you can discuss this with your wedding cake maker and they can factor this into the cake plans and design.

Who would you like to serve your cake to?

The time you plan to cut your cake could affect how many people will have some. If you cut the cake after your meal you may want to only have enough cake to serve your day guests. It is becoming increasingly popular to cut and serve the cake at the evening reception, where your guest numbers will probably be larger, which will require a larger cake.

What design would you like?

The design of your cake will also play a part in the size of cake you need. Your wedding cake maker will talk you through the various different size and shape combinations when designing your cake and how many people they will serve. It is also possible to use dummy cakes to add interest to your design. This is particularly useful for those wanting a large centrepiece cake, but who are only having a smaller number of guests. Do remember though, that there is only a small price difference between real or dummy tiers as dummy tiers still require a lot of work!

Sunflower Patisserie is a wedding cake maker in Peterborough. We cover Cambridgeshire and the surrounding counties and specialise in making beautiful and delicious cakes for your wedding day! For more information on our wedding services please visit

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